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I was the demo at the American Massage Conference. I wanted to thank you for showing Travell's book. It really has helped me in my work and I'm learning more every day. I hope to come see you up in Canada after I get a passport. Thanks so much for taking time to talk with me. It was really great to meet you.

Mark - LMT


Nothing like it! It was the Best!

Lori - Maple


"I was hesitant of getting a massage from a male , but after meeting Phil, and feeling more comfortable with him, I did not get a massage... I got a treatment, that resolved a back issue that other massage therapists only massaged over. Now I think I won't let anybody else work on me. You've got to try the guy, he is great. The best there is!

Roger - Toronto


Its worth the drive to Vaughan... amazing results, after years suffering I'm getting the relief i finally needed.. its helping tremendously with pain management and an added bonus a drastic reduction in migraines

Jan - Mississauga


For months I could hardly move, I tried everything to get better...then we found the ---, I can't tell you how amazing this treatment is! The hydro tub and Myofascial release has made me feel like a human being again! Thank you for everything!

K - Toronto


A Few Words About Us

What is Myo-Fascial Release Therapy?

The name comes from the latin words for muscle (myo) and elastic (fascia). It doesn't just focus on applying pressure and manipulating muscles - it focuses on stretching and relieving tension from the sinews that connect all of the muscles together. Tension is held in your muscles, causing them to stiffen. Using a gentle, twisting stroke, a therapist can discover the areas that need attention. Then those areas are stretched and worked properly to eliminate the tension.

Want to learn more about our process?
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The MYO-RT Institute Advantage

The unique approach of combining Hydro-Therapy (a water jet based system involving various methods, temperatures and pressures), Myo- Fascial Release Therapy and a new style called MYO-Release Massage Therapy to facilitate the healing of its patients is proving to be extremely successful in chronic pain management.

About Phil


---, RMT . I am here to offer you a unique opportunity to succeed in ways that you never imagined were possible. Why should you listen to me?

I was a successful real estate agent until I was in a life-altering car accident in my 20's. The effects were devastating. I fractured both legs and my right ankle, broke my pelvis, had major internal injuries and was in a 3-week coma. I was in the hospital for almost a year and required intense physiotherapy. However, I found that the physio was not healing me. I had very little range of motion in my legs.

This is when I discovered the world of massage therapy. In 1993, I began hydrotherapy training with the late Audery Foster, a hydro therapist with over 50 years experience. Since then, the most influential part of my training came from John Barnes, where his great teaching of Myofacial release techniques inspired me to open my own place. The philosophy behind MYO - RMT is that by using the principles of Travell, combined with the method of John Barnes, a muscle should be released of all restricted tissue before it can be massaged into a healthy state.

I have harnessed all of this great knowledge into a unique process and business model that I would like to share with you so you can open your own business and experience the same joy of healing others that I have, while achieving incredible success.

I look forward to talking to you.

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