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Why Open a Franchise?

Why open a franchise instead of
an independent?

  • · Be part of the Myo Release Concept

  • · Branding

  • · Full support

  • · Common Advertising and
      Marketing Strategies

  • · Low Franchise Fees

  • · Turn key operations

  • · Training and continuing education

  • · Retail component

  • · Flexible with concept combinations

  • · Be your own boss

  • · Pick and protect your area

  • · Break free from the spa environment

  • · Promote therapeutic massage


Why limit yourself to massages when you can have total freedom?

Take our courses and become much more than a "masseur". Become a MYO specialist who can really help people heal. Then open your own business, be your own boss and reap all of the benefits of your own hard work.

See the list to the left to learn why opening your own franchise can give you freedom like you've never had before, and it's much easier than you think.