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Welcome To MYO RTI!

From service to education, I offer a real hands-on approach.

Hydro-Therapy (a water jet based system involving various
methods, temperatures and pressures), Myo-Fascial Release
Therapy and a new style called MYO-Release Massage Therapy
to facilitate the healing of its patients is proving to be extremely
successful in chronic pain management.







Popular Services

Hydrotub massage 144 Jets help to relieve tension...

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myo-facial release helps the muscles to expand...

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myo-release massage
advanced therapy techniques...

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learn and open your own business...

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News & Events

10.12.2012 MYORTI at CMC 2012

Phil is at the Canadian Massage Conference from October 12-14 in Niagara Falls.

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10.07.2011 Phil to Speak

Phil will be speaking at the Canadian Massage Conference on Sunday, November 6 @ 1:15pm @ Booth 42.

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