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I was the demo at the American Massage Conference. I wanted to thank you for showing Travell's book. It really has helped me in my work and I'm learning more every day. I hope to come see you up in Canada after I get a passport. Thanks so much for taking time to talk with me. It was really great to meet you.

Mark - LMT


Nothing like it! It was the Best!

Lori - Maple


"I was hesitant of getting a massage from a male , but after meeting Phil, and feeling more comfortable with him, I did not get a massage... I got a treatment, that resolved a back issue that other massage therapists only massaged over. Now I think I won't let anybody else work on me. You've got to try the guy, he is great. The best there is!

Roger - Toronto


Its worth the drive to Vaughan... amazing results, after years suffering I'm getting the relief i finally needed.. its helping tremendously with pain management and an added bonus a drastic reduction in migraines

Jan - Mississauga


For months I could hardly move, I tried everything to get better...then we found the ---, I can't tell you how amazing this treatment is! The hydro tub and Myofascial release has made me feel like a human being again! Thank you for everything!

K - Toronto


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